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Premier Sports Marketing

Available Grants and Events

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These are just some of the grant opportunities available to your non-profit organisation…
Here are some links to various websites where you can gain information about grant opportunities available. You can download the application forms, keep up to date with the deadlines and find out more information on the specific grants.

Premier Sports Marketing will work with your organisation to write the application to give you the best chance of success. We have a long history of success in this area and stay up to date with all the latest information and changes regarding grant opportunities.

Contact us to assist you before submitting your application to make sure you are on the right track for your organisation's needs...

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) was established by the Queensland Government in 1994 to provide funding to community groups in Queensland.

One-off grants of up to $30,000 are allocated to approved non-profit organisations to help them provide community services or activities that benefit the community. These grants are not intended to replace existing sources of support for these organisations.

Applicant organisations must be Queensland-based and the project for which a grant is sought must provide demonstrable benefits to Queensland.

Sport and Recreation Queensland provides financial assistance to eligible organisations to increase the participation of Queenslanders in sport and recreation activity, to improve the skills of the sport and recreation industry providers and participants, and to provide places for Queenslanders to 'Get Active'.

Some other grant opportunities...

Jupiters Casino Commnuity Benefit Fund

Brisbane City Council Grants

Numerous other larger and smaller grants exist, including specific grants for specigic regions or causes. Contact Premier Sports Marketing for a full list of grants available to you...
Fundraising Events

Premier Sports Marketing is now connected with Australian Legends of Poker who organise private poker fundraising events for clubs and associations.


Your poker event can be run as…


  • As a team-building exercise where individuals or teams compete against each other
  • A corporate games night where you are the high rollers
  • A fundraising event for your club or association
  • Simply a fun social event for people to relax and enjoy themselves

See for more information or contact Paul on 0418 983 501 to discuss



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